Understanding M2M Technology and iMetrik M2M’s Unique Position for Growth:
An Overview of iMetrik M2M Solutions Inc.

There’s the Internet that we all know, love and rely upon every day.  The applications are so broad that it can be hard to imagine where the Internet is going next, but most experts believe that the next big boom is Machine-to-Machine, or M2M technology.  Whereas the Internet we know today could be called “the Internet of People,” M2M is hailed as “the Internet of Things” because it allows virtually anything to “talk” to another machine anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The M2M technology that allows machines to communicate makes way for people – consumers, managers, etc. – to control and monitor any machine or appliance wherever it is located in the world simply using a computer or Smartphone to collect the data, receive real-time notifications of possible malfunctions, and make necessary adjustments remotely.(Read more...)

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iMetrik Technology enables remote access and control over targeted equipment and services. It allows monitoring as well as selective enabling, disabling or any other command at will, from virtually anywhere to anywhere in the world.

iMetrik M2M Cellular Gateway

Imagine the ability to check on and respond to the environment in your home while on a business trip, to monitor vital business equipment in real-time on your smart phone, or to disable a client's device if they fall delinquent on payments. Using iMetrik M2M technology, an entirely new paradigm of interaction becomes available for the appliances and equipment we all rely on so heavily. This is the future of everyday machines.

iMetrik M2M Powers the MonnitLink™ Cellular Gateway
MonnitLink Cellular Gateway

After months of R_D, iMetrik M2M has just delivered a Cellular M2M-Sensor Gateway to strategic partner Monnit Inc.
Monnit has already begun taking pre-orders for the "MonnitLink™ Cellular Gateway" which will allow Monnit WIT™ Wireless Sensors to communicate with the iMonnit™ Online Wireless Sensor Monitoring and Notification System via cellular transmission. This is the perfect solution for monitoring of remote locations, or where an existing internet connection is not an option.

Cellular Gateway Features

  • Based on latest Quad-band GPRS/GSM Wireless Radio for Global Coverage
  • Self provisioning - True Plug _ Play - No Configuration Required
  • No Cellular Contracts - No Costly Commitments
  • Built-in Battery Backup _ Software-based Location Positioning Service

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