Credit Management
Market Analysis

Size of Market: $141 Billion

Growth Scale: 23% through 2016

Market Participants: Retailers, Financial Services Providers, Debt Collectors

A consumer shops for a new flat screen television. He would like to take advantage of a financing plan offered by the retailer so he can purchase the item on credit.

When he buys the television the agreement states that if he falls behind on his payments, the device may be shut-off until he restores his account into good standing.

He neglects to pay his bill and is past due. The credit granter logs on to the iMetrik M2M web site, and with just a click of the mouse, sends a wireless instruction that activates an audible warning on the television.

If the consumer ignores this warning, and his account remains past due for longer than the period predetermined by the creditor, iMetrik M2M automatically disables the television. The consumer now realizes that the only way he can enjoy the use of his TV once again is to catch up on his financial obligation for it.