• Smart Device, Open Platform

  • “Device-to-Desktop” with
    Global GSM Network

  • End-to-End Solution:
    from Sensor to Boardroom

OUR TECHNOLOGY for Global Asset Control Solution

Whatever the asset-control application, remote monitoring, smart metering, POS terminals, fixed or mobile asset management, iMetrik Machine-to-Machine (M2M) offers the Total Solution.

Total means that the iMetrik solution includes an “open platform” smart module that is pre-activated for instant access to the iMetrik Global Network that enables access in over 120 countries through 176 GSM operators.

iMetrik M2M provides the ultimate device-to-enterprise solution, in one comprehensive package, ready for instant deployment, with its embedded open platform device, its global network and web services.

Combining embedded modules with Wireless Wide Area Network and Personal Area Network capability, seamless global wireless network coverage, and business-to-business or business-to-consumer web integration services, the iMetrik platform moves the information from the source directly to the desktop, greatly reducing implementation costs, development complexity, and turn-around time when targeting new market opportunities.

iMetrik’s M2M technology hides the complexity and hassles of wireless network access, easing communication with the millions of devices deployed in the market today, allowing sensor manufacturers and integrators to develop web-based systems and device-to-enterprise solutions.

Wide Area Wireless Sensor Networks are increasingly indispensable in ecology monitoring, home automation, industrial automation, building control, smart metering, power management, remote maintenance, e-toll systems, POS systems, teleservices, security systems, as well as tracking and tracing, security automation, lighting control, service bureaus and convergence retailing.

iMetrik is the first to provide all the essential elements of any wireless M2M solution. iMetrik designs its own embedded devices, develop its own applications and as a Mobile Global Network Operator, iMetrik provides clients with end-to-end web-based solutions, fully managed by iMetrik M2M.

The iMetrik M2M unique model includes:

  • Seamless Wireless GSM coverage in over 120 countries.
  • Network-ready, pre-activated embedded modules, ready to exchange data with enterprise information systems and web applications.
  • Modular hardware designs supports a variety of wireless software radio technologies including GSM in multiple frequency bands, Zigbee and Power Line Communication for local area networking.
  • Integrated on-board GPS tracking capabilities at no extra cost.
  • Central management server for device monitoring and management, and over the air firmware upgrades.
  • Network agnostic means no need to deploy local networks or negotiate with local Mobile Network Operators (MNO).
  • A pay-per-use model: No contract, no monthly fee, no minimum monthly usage, no connection charge, one invoice, one point of contact. You don’t use, you don’t pay.
  • A service model is available which includes all cost of hardware, network and web services for a low monthly fee. This means no Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) and low Operating Expenditure (OPEX).